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FLC leaders went to Shanghai ,Zhejiang and other places to visit old school friends for five days

 On November 7,  the vice president zhou and the Associate Dean of Employment Office of FLC .they went to a number of companies  in Shanghai ,Zhejiang and other places to visit in more than 30 old school friends who work there. Wherever he went, they and the students had a cordial conversation, carefully listened to their work report, to know their lives.It is understood that their current monthly salary is more than 2,500 yuan . some of them has already have children, and buy a house in the big  city, and founded their own companies . FLC leaders have repeatedly exhorted the students to set strict demands on themselves, make persistent efforts, will cherish this opportunity, learning by doing and create their own better life, but also for his kind invitation to return to FLC during their free time.. Through this visit we generally understand the employment situation of graduates level, but also for the college in the future do a better job of employment service work, the progressive realization of "school-enterprise cooperation" mode, master of the first-hand information .