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Gathered together and looking forword to the new year, FLCwas held a forum of minority students on December31

On December 31 at 19:30 , in the teaching building on the third floor of the classroom, minority students held a New Year's outlook forum. some of the 17 minority students representatives and other students to participate in the forum, the forum hosted by director Jin of the Personnel Section ,many other leaders take part in the meeting .However ,the leaders concern the situation of  the students study and life . some students made a recommendation in teaching and management, and others talked about their English learning experience, some students sang the folk songs, as well as the students use their own language for everyone to say hello, the whole forum was full of song and laughter. at the end of forum, the vice president Zhou, on behalf of  FLC addressed to the participating students in the most sincere wishes and greetings to the students expressed the significance of strengthening national unity.they hope even more students to study hard and achieve new results in the coming new year , to train themselves into not only the expertise useful to have a strong practical ability of the people, in the future to do more for the motherland and hometown contribution.