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Excellent teachers went to Sanqingshan for a two-day tour on november five to seven . December 16,2009

On November 5 in 2009 ,FLC organized some excellent teachers went to Sanqingshan for a Two-Day Tour . we visited the

national important cultural relics protection units, the national patriotism education bases, the National Top Ten

red tourism centers, the classic red tourism scenic spots, the state 4A class tourist scenic spot - Shangrao

concentration camps and World Natural Heritage site, is now the national 4A level scenic areas, national natural

heritage, national geological parks, national patriotism education bases and so on. Through this event not only gave

encouragement for excellent teachers, while allowing us to accept a deeply patriotic education, everyone expressed

their devotion in the future,for the college’s development, growth, and contribute his share towards  the 

motherland of her educational institution.