Jiangxi FengLin College Of Foreign Economy and Trade (FCL) is a post secondary educational institution located near Nanchang city, capital of Jiangxi province in the south of China. FCL offers a wide range of post secondary courses in business, engineering, commerce, management and ESL, it also provides customized training programs for today‘s business and industry. Combining normal education mode with the national self-teaching examination mode, the school recruits students who have passed the national university admission test, and who are willing to further their study. With the support from the provincial education bureau, FCL has established a new campus in Yongxiu County. The new campus is built on over 200,000 sq meter‘s of land and is designed to provide a modernized learning and living environment for its full time-students. With the establishment of new campus, FCL going to has the facility and accommodation to contain up to 2000 students.

FLC sharp its students edge of competition by expose its students to a international language and culture environment, and therefore foster student’s international perspective, the student who studying in FLC are going to be more creative, with high moral, and self confidence. Based on our unique goal, our ambition is to become one of the prime colleges in the region by establishing an excellent teaching team and equipping the college with the most outstanding facilities.

Our vision


We value higher education as the key to a better quality of life. We value learning and the continuous pursuit of knowledge. To this end, we provide a learner-centered, affordable opportunity to our students and community.


We value unconditional integrity based on fairness, honesty, and the pursuit of truth.  


We strive for high quality and effectiveness in education, communication, and leadership while accepting responsibility and accountability in all our endeavors.


We value service to the student in the areas of academic, personal, and professional development and leadership in the community through the stimulation of economic growth and quality of life. We create an environment of civility, respect, and trust; and demonstrate a commitment to this vision by placing the needs of students at the center of all decision-making.