About Our Past

A land of rich history, colorful traditions, and dynamic innovation.

FCL became Jiangxi Fenglin Professional college of Foreign Economy and Trade in 2008,FCL was named as Fenglin College Of Science and Technology which was established in 2003. Over past few years, we‘re proud to have the opportunity to provide quality education for students from different part of the country. Our links with business and industry are also become strong over the period.

FCL was established with strong support from Canadian government and sponsored by the multi-culture association of Canada. FCL combining normal education mode with the national self-teaching examination mode, the school recruits students who have passed the national university admission test. FCL now is a multi-disciplined higher educational institute.

The first enrollment of CBU-Fenglin Joint Program

A prize was awarded to the students of our joint program for their performance in the Provincial Oral English Competition. In August,these students from this program successfully completed their study in FCL and continued their further study at Cape Breton University for bachelor degree.

An observing team from national minister of education visited the college.

The first enrollment of diploma students. 5 programs were offered in that enrollment.

FCL lunched its application of the status of national formal higher education institute.

To facilitate the application of the status of national formal higher education institute, the provincial department of education and a board of experts appointed by the provincial government strictly examined and assessed the teaching facilities and quality of education of the college, a positive conclusion was established by the board with great congratulation.

The students of the FCL achieved outstanding records in the national self-teaching examination.

The deputy governor, Mr. Zhi-Yong Zhao, visited our campus; he highly praised the future development of the college.

The students from the third enrollment of CBU-Fenglin Joint Program departed to Canada, FCL has successfully enabled 37 Chinese students to further their study in Canada by offering the joint program in past 3 years, and the passing rate is two times higher than that of averaging passing rate according to the statistics from Canadian embassy in China. FCL also proud for that the performance of its students are highly recognized by our counter parties in Canada, the teaching staff of Canadian universities were impressed by students from our college for their outstanding communication and learning skills .

Congratulations to all our 2007 graduates, they all received their job offer before their graduation. According to the statics from the career service division of the FCL, 28.2% of them take managerial position, and 18.6% of them were doing marketing related job, over 87% of them received salary higher than RMB 1000, and 28% of them offered with well paid job, the salaries of them are ranging from RMB 3000-6000.

FCL is approved to become a formal national higher education provider by the national ministry of education. By launching new development of the college, we are committed to providing an environment where students and staff are highly motivated, where there are great personal development opportunities for their future.