Affiliated Enterprise

The investor of the FCL also owns business in the fields of national road management (ZHITONG road and bridge management Ltd.Co) and agriculture planting (Shangri-La Agriculture and Forestry Technology Development Co.Ltd).

ZHITONG road and bridge management Ltd.Co specializes in management of national road and high ways, such as: Yangzhou national road conjunction, Ningbo South Coast road, Heilongjiang Xiachenzi Bridge. The latest traffic control and maintenance techniques introduced to China by Zhitong ensure smooth transportation in many regions and minimize road accidents.

Shangri-La Agriculture and Forestry Technology Development Co.Ltd, is on the same location as FCST. Shangri-La has several features, which distinguishes it from other agricultural companies. Shangri-La has introduced many new plants species to China, own and monitor massive forest reservations in both Jiangxi and Fijian provinces. Shangri-La prides itself in using a delicate balance between the latest technology in production processes and the material available. Shangri-La has also established many strong links with other agricultural research institutions.