New Development and Future Planning

New developme in the campus

An ambitious hundreds -million dollars vision to dramatically change the face of the College’s Campus has been unveiled. To provide better condition for our students, 20 million dollars investments on infrastructure are carried on to ensure it continues to offer one of the best student experiences in our provinces; it put additional cafeterias, dormitory buildings, and functional hall to the campus with total space at 22,000 square meter. Moreover, Around 75 million will be spent on new teaching centre, library, student dormitories and sport and recreation facility.

Our vision for the coming 5 years

  • Upgrading the status of the college to Sino-Overseas Joint College in order to attract more qualified educational resource from foreign universities and colleges. By doing this, we also expect to achieve the goal that our graduates can receive joint diploma from overseas educational institutes upon their graduation, we believe that a joint training by our college and our overseas counter parties will sharp the edge of competition of our students.
  • Developing a team of better qualified teaching staff composed by personnel from higher educational institutes, industries and from overseas universities.
  • Offering students a balance of educational excellence and real-world experience by providing on job training.
  • Introducing new teaching methods and technologies into our classroom, such as: presentation, seminar, tutorial and mini-project.
  • Advocating reforming of teaching content by setting up a professional education research centre in order to absorb and transfer the latest knowledge and skills from industry to classroom.
  • Implementing credit system
  • Developing strong link with industries, and offering student with more job opportunity domestically and in overseas.