Prospective Student
Prospective Student


The benefits of choosing FCL for your studies

Intensive English language training for fostering international perspective
The goals of FCL is to provide all its graduate well prepared for their future competition in a cross culture environment, therefore all programs in the College designed with insertion of intensive English training content to promote students practical English communication skills.

The innovation of traditional Chinese education combined with western methodologies
FLC followed the traditional Chinese ideology of ‘studying for one‘s own sake‘, advocating China’s educational legacy, yet it emphasis absorbing the latest teaching theories and methodologies from western society by focusing on cultivating the creativity of students , improving assuredness, self-determination, independence of students .
Resource-efficient campus, amazing atmosphere, and just a great learning environment
The landscape has been a primary consideration and attraction throughout the College‘s development. The College’s location adjacent to the Xiu River and Junshan Lake, the back north of the college is linked with Lu Mountain. The 221 acre campus represents a unique mix of natural and designed landscapes for it planted and preserved over 879 species of foliage,among of them 16 are on the listed of indangeroued species. Not only providing an amazing learning and living environment for our students, these plants and gardens serve as excellent outdoor learning laboratories for our horticulture classes and as a source of inspiration for the campus and local communities.

NOTE: FCL has identified wildlife reserves around the campus. Please do not approach the wild animal.

Everything here is so personal and one-on-one.
We are equally committed to ensuring that our students have the best learning environments and support by listening to, understanding and acting on their needs. 

Your new home away from home
Our students can take advantage of the many outstanding resources of this self contained campus, it provides not only cafeteria, canteen, clinic, internet bar, book store facilities, but also laundry, internet connection , star TV service. 2 daily shuttle bus services can make students trip to Nanchang within 50 minutes. Majorities of our staff are living on campus so that the qualities of services provided to our students are maintained in a same standard 24 hours.

An effective study-abroad appraoch through our joint program with overseas universities.
In order to more effectively promote the culture exchange between Canada and China, with supportive from prime minister of Canada Jean Cretian and Canadian ambassador to China Joseph Caron, Cape Breton University in Canada and FCL in China launched a unique joint program to enable FCL students to pursue their further study in science & technology as well as business & management in Canada.
There are two different programs launched under the agreement between CBU and FCL

1.UCCB-FCST Joint Foundation Program is for who plan to study UCCB undergraduate program, it includes 10 months preparatory study in FCL for intensive English training and academic study orientation. 2. Bachelor of Technology Degree Upgrading Bridge Program, the purpose of this program is enable FCL graduates with science Diploma to study 1 year in Cape Breton University to pursuit Bachelor of technology degree. This program includes 10 months preparatory study in FCL for intensive English training and science terminology.

Fantastic Life in the campus
A self contained campus doesn’t mean boring, there are not only various facilities provided to entertain our students, such as: gymnasium, student union club, but also frequently activities organized by student association, such as: English party, open forum, movie show, Kungfu competition etc.

Offering practical courses with range of choices of training centre
We are currently developing good relationship with many enterprises for a range of career-orientated practical courses, these training opportunities in these enterprises designed to teach the basics of many of the practical skills involved in student’s s future job,and bridge the gap between the lecture room and the world of work. Students attend their classes regularly. The green gardens in the college are also served as training place for our horticulture student with their 870 species of plants.

Reliable Career Service
The Career Service Division of FCL provides comprehensive career counseling and resource dedicated to empowering students as active participants in their own career development.  To intensively help students receive a good job offer upon their graduation, the Career Service Division of FCL build intensive link with industries and organizes Career Fair 2008 yearly.
Through career exploration and experiential opportunities, students are motivated to expand their knowledge of themselves and the world of work in a dynamic global community.