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International Joint Program

FCST established series joint diploma and degree programs with Cape Breton University and Grande Prairie Regional College in Canada:

1. International Foundation Program
Chinese high school graduates who plan to study abroad will take 6 months foundation program in our college , during these 6 months, following subjects will be covered:

  • ESL
  • Science Terminology in English
  • Academic Orientation ( These course are designed to facilitate students future study in UK, Currently Offered courses including: Business, Information Technology orientation, desktop package, all the lectures received Master Degree from Overseas universities, and they are native English Speaker from Canada and UK)
  • Other pre-requisite course by overseas Universities

After they success complete the 6- months program in FCST, they will receive unconditional admission letter from overseas university, which means they don’t have to present Tofel or IELTS score in order to be admitted.

2. Joint Degree Program
The purpose of this program is enable FCST graduates with Chinese recognized Diploma to study 1 or 2 more year in University College Of Cape Breton and award Bachelor degree from UCCB.

3. Nursing ESL Program
A Joint Program established with Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) in Canada, students spend 8 months in our college to study nursing English, and then be transferred to GPRC for another year’s study in nursing skill.

Program benefits:

Through FCST international joint program, students don’t have to waste time to prepare language examination which is not always reflect real language proficiency of each student, instead FCST international joint programs facilitate students to focus on the core of language learning.

Through the international joint program, students can well prepare for their future study in overseas educational institute, both in term of language and academic proficiency, as 6 month programs in FCST will enable them to familiar with English learning environment, and they will get used to a western creative thinking. These all guarantee students to have a smooth transmission to overseas study period.