Working With Us
Working With Us

Fenglin college of Foreign Econoy and Trade employs about 100 teaching and academic staff including professors and associate professors. Many of our teachers hold master‘s and doctoral degree‘s; a number of them having received their degrees from overseas universities. Some prestigious professor‘s who are employed by the college include:

  • Dr. Wen Liu, program leader, PhD degree in Applied Physics, post PhD works in MacMaster University. Chief Scientist of China Wuhan Telecommunication Research Institute .
  • Dr. Qinchun Zhao, program leader, PhD degree in Electric Engineering , post PhD works in MacMaster University:- research Scientist of Semiconductor Research Institute of the Academy of Science of China.
  • Dr. WeiCailing, program leader, PhD degree in telecommunication, Research Scientist of China Wuhan Telecommunication Research Institute.
  • Dr. Xin Li, PhD in Applied Physics , Chief Operating officer of Macrolinx Technology Inc. in Montreal.
  • Dr. Jian Jian, PhD in Mechanic Engineering, the professor of Beijing Industry Technology University.
  • Dr. Xiaohua Huang, PhD in Biology from Oxford University of England, the research officer of the Center for Biomimetics in University of Reading, England.
  • Dr. Zhenghua Mao, PhD in Economics from Wuhan University in China, Chairman and CEO of China Chenxin Securities Rating Corporation.


Vacancies available:
Deputy President/ director of international cooperation:
Breif Job Description: In charge of International Cooperation in the College.
Requirements: Fluent Chinese and English, must be degree holder, having over 10 years working experience, among which  2 years experience in higher educatonal organization is necessary, having visa handling experience is a plus. Who cannot meet above requirements can consider apply for the position as director of the international department.

ESL teacher: Native Speaker with good communication skills, degree holder and teaching experience and life experience in Asia is a plus. Please note that we provide good salary and apartment , as well as the working permit for successful applicants.