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About the region
The college is allocated about 50 kilomiles norther to Nanchang which is the capital of Jiangxi Province in the south of China. It has a total area of 7.4 thousand square kilometers and some 3.79 million inhabitants. Nanchang is an old city with a long history. The town was first built in 200 BC, in the fifth year of the reign of the Han Emperor, Gaozu (202 BC). This is the time when Yuzhang Jun (Jun was an ancient administrative division equal to a present-day prefecture) was created. Most of Nanchang lies on a vast plain with the Gan River passing through it. Nanchang has a sub-tropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 17.5o C and an annual average rainfall of 580mm. Nanchang also boasts 296 frost-free days. Nanchang is rich in agriculture, forest, and aquatic resources. Not only is it a large grain region, but it also produces cotton, peanuts, sesame, fruit, lotus roots and freshwater fish. Watermelons and grapes are also excellent here.

Get to the college
We welcome people from any part of China to visit our campus and our city and to experience our teaching and learning. You may take a direct flight to Nanchang, Changbei airport from Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai as well as many other cities in China. You may also reach us by railway express from almost all the major cities in China. Call us in advance before your departure and we will be happy to greet you at the airport or railway station.

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Mawan, Aicheng twon, Youngxiu County, Jiangxi Province